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Item #: M0013

Lamb's Supreme® Red Skin Mashed Jalapeno Cheddar

Brand: Lamb's Supreme®
Cut Size: Mashed
Package Size: 6/4# P
Lamb’s Supreme® products deliver premium quality and consistency. Red skin with a cheesy blend of cheddar, cream cheese, zesty jalapeno pieces and other ingredients are whipped to a creamy smooth consistency.

Product Detail

  • Cooking Methods

  • Shipping and Storage

Cooking Methods

Method Time Temperature Additional Instructions
Boil in Bag   24 -26 min      Place bag (unopened) in boiling water.  
Microwave Oven   20-24 min   Med-High   Cut 1" slit in center of unopened bag. Heat on medium high for half of the total heating time. Rotate bag. Push corners inward. Finish heating. NOTE: Ovens may vary, adjusting cooking times as needed.  
Steamer   26-28 min      Place bag (unopened) in perforated pan.  

Shipping and Storage

Shipping Information Product Information
Net Weight 24 lb Country of Origin US
Gross Weight 26 lb Shelf Life 720 days
Count Per Pound N/A
Case Cube 0.63
Ti/Hi 6,14

Country of Origin: US

Shelf Life: 720 days

GTIN: 10044979130136

Item Number: M0013

Handling Instructions

Do not drop. Handle like eggs. Perishable, keep frozen. Store at 0°F or colder.

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