Chipotle Burger and Sweet Waffle Fries

Juicy burger on a Kaiser bun topped with lettuce, chipotle mayo and crispy onion straws, served with Sweet Things® CrissCut® Fries and zesty chipotle ranch dipping sauce.


  • 4-6 1/2 lb. beef patties
  • To taste salt & pepper
  • 4-6 Kaiser buns, toasted
  • 4-6 romaine lettuce, leaf
  • 12 oz. onion straws
  • 12 oz. chipotle mayonnaise
  • 12 oz. chipotle ranch dipping sauce 
  • 1 bag Sweet Things® CrissCut® Fries (L0090)


  • 1. Season burger patty and grill to desired temperature
  • 2. Prepare one bag of Sweet Things® CrissCut® Fries (L0090) to manufacturer directions
  • 3. Assemble burger: Start with adding 2 oz. of chipotle mayonnaise to the bottom bun, then  add lettuce, burger, drizzle 2 oz. of chipotle ranch and top with 2 oz. onion straws and top bun.
  • 4. Side each burger with 6 oz. of Sweet Things® CrissCut® Fries (L0090).


4-6 servings