Hotter. Crispier.
For Longer.

Not all fries are created equal.

Our proprietary clear batter is produced at our own Columbia Basin Blends facility – not purchased from a third party supplier – ensuring you get Lamb Weston quality with every fry, every time.

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Stealth Recipes

The invisible coating on Lamb Weston Stealth Fries® means they can stand up to sauces, dips, toppings and more—while staying hotter and crispier twice as long as traditional fries.

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CrissCut® Skin-On

Item #S15

3/8" Regular Cut

Item #S57

5/16" Thin Regular Cut Skin-On

Item #S12

1/4" Shoestrings

Item #S30

5/16" Thin Crinkle Cut

Item #S0022

Trim Fries Skin-On

Item #S13

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