Preserving Nature While Enhancing Communities

When it comes to the environment and our precious natural resources, our philosophy is to minimize our impact and leave the smallest footprint possible. When it comes to the communities in which we operate, our goal is precisely the opposite: we want to have as great a positive impact as we possibly can.

Community Engagement

In the towns where Lamb Weston is located, our employees are passionately involved in making a difference – both as representatives of the company and as residents of the community.

Environmental Stewardship

Energy Efficiency

With two LEED® certifications and five U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® certifications, Lamb Weston is among the most energy-efficient companies in the industry.

Materials Management

Thirteen Lamb Weston plants were named Zero Waste Champions for diverting more than 95% of solid waste from landfills.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our Agriculture Services Department works year-round with growers to ensure sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Water Resources

To conserve one of our most critical resources, Lamb Weston's goal is to reduce water use by 10% per pound.

Supply Chain

Our sustainability efforts extend across the entire supply chain, from procurement all the way through transportation.