Item #: LW202

Lamb Weston® Crispy on Delivery Fries 1/2" Concertinas®

Brand: Lamb Weston® Crispy On Delivery Fries

Cut Size: 1/2" Crinkle Cut

Package Size: 6/5#

Lamb Weston Crispy on Delivery fries are crispy up to 30 minutes with a smooth batter for a tender crispiness on the outside and fluffy potato inside. Deliciously crispy whether eaten on a plate in your restaurant or through takeout and delivery. This Concertinas® cut is a modern take on classic crinkle cuts with deeper, crispier grooves and ridges.
  • Cooking Methods

Stays crispy up to 30 minutes.*
Crispy grooves have more edges that provide satisfying, extra crunch.
Thick cuts are sturdier and are less prone to breaking than thinner fries.

Halal: Yes

Deep Fry

Time 3 1/4 - 3 3/4 min
Temperature 345-350°F
Additional Instructions Deep fry from frozen state. Fill basket 1/2 full.

Do not drop. Handle like eggs. Perishable, keep frozen. Store at 0°F or colder.

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