Item #: M0007

Lamb Weston® Sweet Potatoes Original Mashed

Brand: Lamb Weston®

Cut Size: Mashed

Package Size: 12/32OZ P

Lamb Weston® Sweet Potatoes will differentiate and expand your menu while being a perfect choice for customers looking for healthier menu options. Made from sweet potatoes and blended with brown sugar, molasses, and other seasonings for a truly satisfying dish. Simply boil or steam in a bag.
  • Cooking Methods

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Save time and labor by replacing back-of-house cutting, peeling, and prepping with a ready-to-go solution right out of the freezer.
Real baked potato flavor and texture in every bite.
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Halal: Yes

Boil in Bag

Time 18 - 20 min
Additional Instructions Place unopened bag in boiling water

Microwave Oven

Time 14 - 16 min
Temperature Med-High
Additional Instructions Cut 1" slit in center of unopened baag. Heat on medium high for half of the total heating time. Rotate bag. Push corners inward. Finish heating. NOTE: Ovens may vary, adjusting cooking times as needed.


Time 18 - 20 min
Additional Instructions Place bag (unopened) in perforated pan

Do not drop. Handle like eggs. Perishable, keep frozen. Store at 0°F or colder.

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