5 Steps to Plan for a Better Future for your Restaurant

The demand for takeout and delivery is greater than ever

With so much riding on this segment of your business, it’s important to create the best possible customer experience from store to door. One of the best ways to do this is with high-performance delivery and takeout fry options that can arrive hot and crispy every time.

In this article, you will learn:


The importance of fries to today’s restaurant guests


The current landscape of the off-premise restaurant industry


Five steps you can take today for a better off-premise business tomorrow

The importance of fries to your customers

The value of fries that can hold up to the rigors of delivery can’t be overstated. Research has shown fries are the most popular food across generations1 and that affinity for fries continues to grow. In the past year, fries were included in 16% of orders at delivery for April, May and June of 2020, up from about 8% during the same time the year before.2 Burgers and fries were among the foods with the highest growth during this time,3 with fries being the #1 side ordered with delivery in 2020.4 And perhaps most importantly of all, 75% of consumers say that their satisfaction with a restaurant’s fries impacts their satisfaction with the restaurant overall.5

Today’s off-premise dining landscape

Creating a successful takeout and delivery program is essential for a long-term strategy. During the months of April, May and June of the past year, total delivery traffic grew an astounding 108% over the previous year.6 And the biggest issue consumers had with independent restaurants was not having delivery available.

But getting hot and crispy fries to off-premise customers isn’t easy, and 62% of consumers are looking for better delivery fries.8 As an operator, it’s critical not to lose out on fry sales, as fries are one of the most profitable items on your menu.9 The obstacles of today’s off-premise landscape mean you can’t put just any fry on your delivery and takeout menu. Fortunately, there are solutions to this challenge.

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5 steps to plan for a better off-premise future

To make sure your takeout and delivery fries are the best they can be, follow these five simple steps:

1. Choose the right crispy takeout and delivery fry solution for your business

Fries specially developed for takeout and delivery will create a better eating experience for your guests, and a competitive edge for your business. Our premium frozen fry options allow for less prep, storage and labor, while also providing greater consistency, more servings per case and lower cost per serving (when compared to budget fries).

2. Take advantage of pro packaging tips

Great delivery and takeout fries are served best with great packaging. A few things are crucial: to use vented packaging to minimize moisture buildup, to transport hot and cold foods in separate packages, and to keep delivery time to 30 minutes or less.

3. Prepare for the digital age

Ensure you are discoverable, informative and up to date online. Start with making sure your restaurant is searchable by setting up a Google My Business account, limiting or eliminating the need for third-party delivery apps, and making sure your social media channels are helping to build connections with your customers.

4. Stay on top of the trends for 2021

The restaurant industry is constantly changing and keeping up with the latest trends can be a challenge. With our monthly Fryday Insider newsletter, you’ll know what’s trending in the minds of consumers for the year ahead.

5. Get all the tools you need to deliver the crispy fries your guests want

The new takeout and delivery paradigm is here to stay, and getting high-performance fries to your at-home customers is a critical part of it. And because our only focus is your potatoes, you can have peace of mind that your fries will deliver exactly what your guests are looking for. Sign up for the Lamb Weston® Potato Perks® program today to receive rebates, tools and resources to help boost your business for the future.

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