Creativity in the kitchen

Meet the Lamb Weston Chefs

To make your operations stand out and make you even more successful, creative menu applications are a must. Innovative concepts are key and our culinary team is here to help you craft your perfect potato recipe or inspiration. 

Chef Riley Baird
Executive Development Chef

Born and raised in Idaho, Riley grew up with a passion for potatoes (and food in general).

With over 15 years in restaurant kitchens, Riley has worked in a wide variety of establishments, from fast casual to French inspired wineries.

She recently joined the team here at Lamb Weston® and is excited to use her operator background to help the team.

“I love the versatility of potatoes - the options and possibilities are never ending.”

Chef Miguel​ Mendoza​
Corporate Chef

From his inception as a processing technician working with food scientists doing R&D on fries, Miguel immediately caught the eye of the culinary team for his creative recipe development. His knowledge of all things culinary has been extremely hands-on while working with chefs from all around the world. Chef Miguel has been bringing his expertise to Lamb Weston® for over 20 years.

Miguel says his love for music and his DJ mindset play into his fry creations.

“First you get a feel for the crowd, then you pick the right music to blend. Fries are the same way. We have the perfect fries for every occasion and they’re the canvas to making tasty art on a plate.”


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Chef Dave​

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