Progress Together

We are proud to share the actions we’re taking and accomplishments we’ve made in our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. 

Progress for people, food, and the planet

We’ve had a progress mindset since the 1950s when we first invented a better way to cut potatoes. And in every challenge, we see possibilities to improve. Our inventive spirit has given us a steady stream of industry firsts and innovative ideas across every strand of our business – our processes, the way we make food, and how we take care of our people.

Group of People Eating Fries
Young Man Planting a Tree

Advancing Ag: A Sustainable Future

At Lamb Weston, we know fries

Call on the fry experts

At Lamb Weston, we know fries

Sustainable practices from the field, to the farm, to the planet. 

Ensuring sustainable practices

We partner with our growers

Ensuring sustainable practices

At Lamb Weston, we work with our growers to ensure sustainable practices. The Leading Edge: Three powerful forces for the future of sustainable agriculture.