A passion for potatoes

Just as the best recipes are made from the best ingredients, the best fries come from the best potatoes. 

Potatoes are our sole focus.

This allows us to manufacture dependable consistently high-quality frozen food & frozen potatoes. By continually investing in the safety and education of our people, upgrading technology, and striving for efficiency, we will come through for you no matter where you are in the world. After all, we believe care is best demonstrated through action.


As a premier potato and fries company, our people live and breathe potatoes. And that single minded passion and expertise fuels our pursuit for potato perfection. We pride ourselves on thinking differently and seeing the possibilities in potatoes. Not just in what they can become, but also in what they can do for you and your customers.


We grow on Lamb Weston owned farmland located in the Pacific Northwest, an area recognized for growing some of the world's finest potatoes. The science and information harvested here is exchanged with our worldwide grower partners to continuously set new standards for your potatoes and fries.


To help you delight your customers, thousands of Lamb Weston potato experts around the world are hard at work growing, harvesting and processing potatoes into the delicious options your guests crave. With processing facilities located close to where we grow, you can count on the right potato, getting to the right facility to be made into the potato products you need to make your menu stand out. These are the things that make us a premium frozen food supplier for restaurants all around the world.

Our timeline showcases the years of service, dedication, and innovation that made Lamb Weston® who we are today.