Holy Tornado Sweet Potato Fries with Sausage

8 oz. Sweet Things® Crisscut® Fries, roasted or fried (L0090)

1 ea. chorizo sausage

1 ea. Polish sausage

1 ea. chicken-apple sausage

4 wooden skewers 


Stoneground Mustard Sauce 

1 cup chicken stock

2 Tbsp. stoneground German mustard

1 Tbsp. honey

1/4 oz. Worcestershire sauce

1 oz. heavy cream

Stoneground Mustard Sauce 
  1. Combine all ingredients except heavy cream. 
  2. Reduce by two-thirds and add the heavy cream, incorporate completely.

Skewer and Plate Assembly

  1. In a pot of simmering water, cook the three sausages for 8 minutes.  Slice each sausage into eight equal pieces.
  2. To assemble, take a wooden skewer, insert a piece of chicken-apple sausage, followed by a sweet potato Crisscut, Polish sausage, Crisscut, chorizo and Crisscut. Repeat twice per skewer. 
  3. Follow step 2 for the other three skewers.
  4. Serve with the Stoneground Mustard Sauce.


2+ portions
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