Pork Carnitas Fry Bowl

Create a party in a bowl with just a few ingredients! 


8 oz. Lamb's Seasoned® CrissCut® Skin-On Yellow Variety (Y1005)

To make one bowl

1 oz. shredded pork

1 oz. Cotija cheese

1 finely chopped jalapeño 

1 oz. finely chopped tomato

½ oz. pepitas

2 – 3 sprigs of cilantro


1. Prepare the Lamb’s Seasoned® Crisscut® to manufacturer’s directions.

2. Heat shredded pork.

3. Build bowl with fries and layer in pieces of shredded pork.

4. Add finely chopped jalapeño and tomato.

5. Sprinkle with pepitas.

6. Sprinkle with Cotija cheese.

7. Add garnish of cilantro.


1-2 Portions
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