Sukiyaki Fries

Combine one of the most popular Japanese hot pot dishes, sukiyaki, with everyone's favorite food, fries! 

10 oz. CrispyCoat™ Steak Cut Crispy on Delivery™ Fries (LW211)*

3.5 oz beef, cut into bite-size pieces

Warishita sauce (ingredients below) 

½ oz green onions, cut on the bias

1 poached egg 

Warishita Ingredients: 

3 oz sake

3 oz mirin

3 oz soy sauce

3 tbsp sugar

1.7 oz dashi stock


*image shows steak thin cut, not available in US.

1. Prepare the CrispyCoat™ Steak Cut Crispy on Delivery™ Fries to manufacturer directions.

2. Prepare the Warishita sauce: combine all Warishita ingredients in a small pot and boil over high heat. Once the ingredients reach a boil, turn the heat off and put it aside. 

3. Pan-fry the beef until nearly cooked.

4. Add the Warishita sauce to the pan and cook for a few minutes.

5. Plate fries, add on the cooked beef with sauce. 

6. Top with green onions and poached egg.


1 portion
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