Blue napkin, Placemat, plate, sauce, bowl, chives, gravy, egg, chop sticks

Sukiyaki Fries

Combine one of the most popular Japanese hot pot dishes, sukiyaki, with everyone's favorite food, fries! 


10 oz. CrispyCoat™ Steak Cut Crispy on Delivery™ Fries (LW211)*

3.5 oz beef, cut into bite-size pieces

Warishita sauce (ingredients below) 

½ oz green onions, cut on the bias

1 poached egg 

Warishita Ingredients: 

3 oz sake

3 oz mirin

3 oz soy sauce

3 tbsp sugar

1.7 oz dashi stock


*image shows steak thin cut, not available in US.


1. Prepare the CrispyCoat™ Steak Cut Crispy on Delivery™ Fries to manufacturer directions.

2. Prepare the Warishita sauce: combine all Warishita ingredients in a small pot and boil over high heat. Once the ingredients reach a boil, turn the heat off and put it aside. 

3. Pan-fry the beef until nearly cooked.

4. Add the Warishita sauce to the pan and cook for a few minutes.

5. Plate fries, add on the cooked beef with sauce. 

6. Top with green onions and poached egg.


1 portion