Extra Crispy Fries


Are your FRIES as CRISPY as you think they are?

Crispy has come a long way and so have our customer’s expectations. In fact, according to our study, crispiness is the #1 driver for your guests when it comes to fries – even more important than temperature!* The truth is, the crispier your fries, the more your guests will love them. 

*Lamb Weston Proprietary Study, 2021

Why Extra Crispy fries?
  • Stays crispy for up to 30 minutes*, so your guests get the best experience no matter if it's dine-in, drive-thru, take-out or delivery.
  • Extra crispy fries are the ideal base for topped and loaded recipes. Load them up with saucy toppings without worrying if they'll stay crisp.

*The study on Lamb Weston's Extra Crispy fries was conducted without packaging. Extra Crispy fries stay crispy for up to 30 minutes without packaging.

Why Lamb Weston® Extra Crispy fries?
  • It's our innovative batter that allows us to offer the best holding fries and offer long-lasting performance to cater to your operational needs.
  • As the only frozen fry manufacturer with our own batter blending facility, we're able to control exactly what goes into our batters and how they're blended so that it's crispy, every time.
  • With three levels of crispiness, you can select the right batter coverage and seasoning to deliver the best experience for your guests.

Feature Products

Lamb Weston® Colossal Crisp 3/8“ Regular Cut 

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Lamb Weston® Crispy on Delivery 3/8“ Regular Cut 

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Lamb Weston® Crispy on Delivery 1/2“ Concertina®

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Lamb Weston® Seasoned CrissCut®  Skin-On

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What makes extra crispy fries crispy?

We’ve discovered what makes extra crispy fries crispy! Having the right combination of loud sound, rough texture and hardness is the ultimate recipe for an extra crispy fry. Watch Lamb Weston’s sensory shorts to learn more.