It All Starts with You in Mind

Scroll through our history and you’ll see our greatest milestones are the innovations and accomplishments that have grown new partnerships and led to shared successes.

1984 - CrissCut® Fries introduced

Understanding operators needs to both delight their customers and increase profit potential, Lamb Weston expands its offering with CrissCut® Fries, a delicious specialty cut with great plate coverage.

1989 - LW Private Reserve®

The company releases its upscale line of premium potato products called LW Private Reserve®, recognized throughout the industry as the ultimate in potato quality.

1991 - Viking International purchased

Lamb Weston purchases Viking International, an American company with strong export ties into Asia.

1992 - Stealth® Fries launched

After seeing a need in the marketplace for fries that have a longer hold time for your operation as well as a crispier, more indulgent texture for your customers, Lamb Weston introduces its innovative brand of Stealth® Fries, which retain heat and flavor longer than conventional fries thanks to an invisible potato starch coating.

1994 - Lamb Weston / Meijer partnership formed

Lamb Weston purchases two plants in Holland and then forms a partnership with Meijer Frozen Foods, experts in potato research and European market distribution.

1995 - Lamb's Supreme® Mashed Potatoes launched

To save operators time and labor without sacrificing flavor or quality, Lamb Weston introduces Lamb's Supreme® Mashed Potatoes, real, made-from-scratch mashed potatoes delivered in portion-controlled pouches

1996 - Stuffed Spudz® introduced

Lamb Weston introduces Stuffed Spudz®, a completely new line of potato-based finger foods.

1997 - Generation 7 Fries® introduced

Lamb Weston launches Generation 7 Fries®, a better tasting, more profitable french fry with up to 50 percent faster prep times and significantly higher yields than conventional fries at the time of it's launch.

1998 - Holland Expansion

Lamb Weston/Meijer expands its Kruinigen, Holland factory, making it one of the largest potato processing facilities in the world.

1998 - Continued - Canada Expansion

Lamb Weston builds and begins selling product out of a new, state-of-the-art processing plant in Taber, Alberta, Canada.

2000 - Continued European Expansion

Lamb Weston/Meijer acquires three additional plants in Holland, making it a significant player in the frozen potato European market.

2001 - Sweet Things® brand of sweet potato french fries launched

Lamb Weston debuts its Sweet Things® brand of sweet potato french fries.

2002 - Lamb's Natural Chips introduced

The company introduces Lamb's Natural Chips, becoming an immediate success when they hit the market.

2003 - Starz® introduced

Lamb Weston  introduces a unique new shape into their frozen potato protfolio called Starz®

2004 - Yukon Gold introduced

The company releases its Lamb's Supreme® brand Yukon Gold potato products, ranging from wedges, twister fries and chef cut fries to hash browns and mashed potatoes.

2007 - Washington plant expanded

Pasco, Washington plant expanded to support potato- and onion-based appetizer growth.

2008 - Continued expansion

Lamb Weston acquires Watts Brothers, a group of vegetable processing, packaging and farming facilities based in Kennewick, WA. The company also purchases a potato processing facility in Prosser, WA

2010 - Operations begin at Lamb Weston's Delhi, LA facility

The Delhi plant is a LEED Platinum Certified frozen food facility, the highest distinction available to green buildings, keeping environmental impact and sustainability in mind. Situated in a prime sweet potato growing region, the Delhi plant is uniquely equipped to process high-quality sweet potatoes, with proprietary technologies.

2014 - Lamb Weston acquires TaiMei Potato in China

It is located in Shangdu, Inner Mongolia, one of the largest potato growing regions in China.

2014 - Boardman East opens

Boardman East opens, increasing the facility's capacity for making french fries and other frozen potato products. The facility is EPA ENERGY STAR® Certified as a result of employee efforts to reduce energy, reuse water and increase recycling.

2016 - French fries in the public eye!

Lamb Weston begins trading as a public company on the NYSE under the symbol LW.

2017 - Richland Washington plant expanded

290,000 square foot expansion adds a new processing line increasing production capacity by approximately 300 million pounds annually.

2018 - Crispy on Delivery fries Launched

Lamb Weston launches a revolutionary fry, with unique clear-coated batter, that stays crispy for up to 30 minutes when held in a vented container. Perfect for dine-in, drive-thru, room service, and buffets.

2018 - Potato Dippers™ Introduced

Lamb Weston introduces Potato Dippers, a unique new cut hin Stealth coating, ideal for scooping and dipping with a thin Stealth coating

2018 - Australia Plant Purchased

Marvel Packers Pty Ltd ("Marvel"), a frozen potato processor in Australia, adds approximately 50 million pounds of production capacity to Lamb Weston's existing global manufacturing network.

2019 - Hermiston Plant Expansion

A $250 million investment adds approximately 300 million pounds of production capacity.

2019 - Australia Plant Purchased

Ready Meals Pty Ltd, a frozen potato processing and storage facility in Hallam, Victoria, adds approximately 70 million pounds of production capacity of our existing global manufacturing network.

2019 - South American Expansion

To serve the nearly 2-billion pound South American market, Lamb Weston and Sociedad del Plata in Argentina form a new joint venture partnership.

2019 - Waffled Hash Browns introduced

Introduction of Waffled Hash Browns, a unique take on Belgian waffles made from shredded Idaho potatoes that can be baked to crispy perfection, offering operators without fryers a new potato option to satisfy customers.