Pomme Frittes—“Biscuits and Gravy” Style

With sausage crumbles & spicy chile sauce.


14-18 oz. Lamb Weston® Colossal Crispy (C0063)

8 oz. Peppercorn white gravy

2½ oz. Crumble sausage

1 oz. Fresh Parmesan cheese, for garnish

2 scallions, finely chopped, for garnish

1-1½ oz. Spicy chile sauce, like Tabasco

Peppercorn Gravy Ingredients:

2½ cups whole milk

1½-2½ Tablespoons roux

2 Teaspoons freshly cracked pepper


Peppercorn Sauce 

1. Place milk in medium sauce pot, sprinkle peppercorns in.

2. Heat milk in saucepan on stove top on medium heat. Whisk in roux and cook until thickened.

3. Sautee sausage.

4. Cook fries to manufactures specifications


1. Place fries on small sheet pan.

2. Top with fresh parmesan cheese and place in oven of choice until cheese is melted on fries.

2. Transfer to serving plate.

3. Ladle peppercorn gravy over fries.

4. Sprinkle sauteed sausage over gravy.

5. Garnish with snipped scallions and top with zig zag hot sauce.


4 portion

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Lamb Weston<sup>®</sup> Colossal Crisp 5/16" Regular Cut


Lamb Weston® Colossal Crisp 5/16" Regular Cut