BBQ Aioli Fries

Bring two great flavors together as the perfect side with hot dogs, burgers, brauts and more!

2 oz. BBQ sauce, warmed

2 oz. Aioli sauce, cold & pourable

4-6 oz. Stealth Fries® 3/8 Regular Cut Skin-On Fries (S19)

  1. Prepare the Stealth Fries® 3/8 Regular Cut Skin-On Fries, per manufacturer's directions.
  2. Pile fries up on a side plate and serve with BBQ sauce and Aioli overtop. For some fun, pour the BBQ sauce and Aioli tableside.



Double the portions to create a shareable appetizer. Or, try the recipe using LW Private Reserve® 3/8 Regular Cut Skin-On Fries (32L)


1 portion

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