Crispy Tacos de Papa

Creamy smooth mashed potatoes wrapped inside a crispy tortilla top with onion, cilantro and served with avocado salsa, queso salsa and Mexican crema with lime zest.


1 bag M15 Lamb's Supreme® Plain Mashed 

1 pack(80) Tortillas 

1 each red onion, minced

1 bunch cilantro, mined 

Salsa, suggestions- Avocado salsa, queso salsa, Mexican crema


  • Prepare the M15 Lamb's Supreme® Plain Mashed to manufacturer directions.

  • Set deep fryer temp to 275 degrees. Place tortillas in small batches into fryer using fry basket to lightly soften for 10-15 second. Set aside and let oil drain and cool down.

  • Fill tortillas with mashed potatoes and set aside ready to fry. Set fryer temp to 325 degrees and deep fry tacos de papa for 1mins in small batches, set aside let oil drain.

  • Plate as shown, top with onion, cilantro and serve with desired salsas. 


40 portion

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