Fruit Mangonada style loaded chips

Crispy chips with fruit and spices


10 oz. Lamb Weston® Private Reserve Chips (30H)

1 cup fresh mango, small dice

¼ cup medium sized jicama, small dice

¼ cup fresh watermelon, small dice

4 oz. chamoy sauce (buy in store, located in Hispanic food aisle)

2 tbsp. Tajin seasoning

1 lime, cut into 4 wedges


  1. Cook chips to manufacturer’s directions
  2. Top chips with fruit and garnish with chamoy sauce and Tajin seasoning
  3. Add a lime wedge on the side


4 portion

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Fruit Mangonada video

Culinary inspiration

Fruit Mangonada video

Check out the video for this recipe

Simple ingredients. Trending flavors.

Culinary inspiration

Simple ingredients. Trending flavors.

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