Mashed Breakfast Burger

Using the Lamb's Supreme® Red Skin Mashed, this dish gives all the comfort of a juicy burger, perfect not just for breakfast but any time.

2 oz. Lamb's Supreme® Red Skin Mashed (M22)

4 oz. burger patty, cooked to liking

1 burger bun

2-3 tbsp. brown gravy sauce, warmed

1/4 cup green bell pepper, sliced and charred on grill

1 egg, sunny side up

1. Prepare the Lamb's Supreme® Red Skin Mashed to manufacturer directions.

2. Build burger, heel bun first, burger patty, charred sliced bell peppers, Red Skin Mashed, 2 tbsp brown gravy, sunny side up egg, 1 tbsp brown gravy and top with bun.


1 Portion

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