Create Unique and

Eye-Catching LTOs


Stand Out from the Crowd

Taste and value are always top priorities for consumers, but uniqueness gives new introductions and limited-time offers (LTOs) the edge. After all, the top reason consumers would order an LTO is because it is something they couldn’t get anywhere else (Datassential’s LTOs Keynote Report, May 2022). Discover how to stand out from the competition, taking inspiration from generational insights, social media, vibrant color trends, and more!

Customize Your Creativity!

Most consumers enjoy trying new foods, but nearly half prefer these to be in familiar formats. Customize your approach by exploring a range of ways top chains have added uniqueness to the menu, from most approachable (lil’ spin) to most innovative (extra crispy).

Datassential America in Transition Keynote, Oct 2021

Datassential SCORES

 top performer for item type (>90th percentile)

 above average for item type (70th to 90th percentile)

The Most Unique Loaded Potato LTOs

Learn lessons from the loaded dishes each generation considers the most unique*. Think global flavors (like Asian-inspired sauces and proteins) for younger gens. For older gens, familiar spins (like loading up familiar proteins or adding regional American flavors) can capture these consumers’ attention.

* with above-average purchase interest

Datassential SCORES

 top performer for item type (>90th percentile)

 above average for item type (70th to 90th percentile)

Social Media-Powered Inspiration

With millions (and sometimes billions) of views on TikTok, some food trends take off on social media and continue their momentum at restaurants as unique menu items and LTOs. Unique formats like boards (including dessert, butter, and more!) and brilliant colors (like pink sauce or rainbow foods) are just a few trends that can inspire eye-catching dishes. Over half of social media users have visited a restaurant because of social media (Datassential/IFMA CPP Report: Social Media & Technology Use, January 2022), so consider which trends could fit your menu and style.

Lamb Weston’s Bacon-Loaded Cream Cheese Board features Lamb Weston® Supreme CrissCut® waffle fries, cream cheese, bacon, and chives and invites social snacking in a unique board format. Get the recipe here!

While pink sauce might seem extreme on menus, consider other brightly-colored elements like in this LTO featuring sriracha and pineapple slaw. Check out this Waffled Hash Brown Crab Ceviche Tostada recipe for other colorful-yet-approachable inspiration.

Taste the Rainbow

Some social media trends gain traction due to their colors, but eye-popping color is taking off on restaurant menus, too. Consider bright contrasting sauces like Mediterranean zhug or Korean gochujang on fries, handhelds, and more or natural dyes from purple ube and golden turmeric across baked goods, beverages, or anywhere you might consider a pop of unusual color.**

Choose your own adventure

From minor menu mods to extreme innovation, choose your own adventure when it comes to capturing consumers’ attention. Unique formats, global flavors, social media trends, and vibrant color are all at your disposal for getting creative with LTOs – and don’t forget to tailor your innovation to your target consumer and your own menu style! For more inspiration, visit our website here for more unique, adventurous fry LTO recipes.

**Growth on menus over the past 4 years in Datassential MenuTrends, YE Dec 2022

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