BLTA Fry Stack

The classic sandwich takes a new form with fries.

8 oz. Stealth® Fries 3/8“ Regular Cut Skin-On (Item S19)

2 oz. chopped bacon

2 oz. chipotle ranch dressing

2 oz. diced avocado

2 oz. diced tomato

1 oz. shredded lettuce

1. Prepare the Stealth® Fries 3/8” Regular Cut Skin-On to manufacturer’s directions.

2. Plate half the fries with chopped bacon.

3. Add diced avocado and diced tomato.

4. Plate remainder of fries.

5. Add remainder of diced avocado.

6. Add shredded lettuce.

7. Drizzle with chipotle ranch dressing.



1-2 portions

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